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Bidding on and buying fully assessed ex-Motability cars and WAVs has just got easier.

mfldirectAuction helps dealers source ex-Motability cars and WAVs that have been fully assessed by our refurbishment partners.

Every vehicle is assessed and photographed by refurbishment technicians, giving you a complete view of each car’s condition, so if you are looking for stock that needs repair and paint, or just low-level smart repairs, you will find it with mfldirectAuction.

We have a weekly sales schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays for cars and Wednesdays for WAVs with previews for each sale the day before.  You can read the reports and review all the important information and make an informed decision on the vehicles you want to buy.

We’ve developed our platform to make it easy to navigate, and have added some new features to make browsing, bidding and buying easier for you.  You can find out more about how to access, preview, bid and buy with mfldirectAuction below.