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Checking out vehicles on mfldirectAuction

Choose collection or delivery to complete your purchase.

Checkout lets you choose your logistics, review your purchase summary and complete your purchase in three steps.   If you have won your vehicle or used the buy now functionality, the process is the same.

Choose your logistics option


If you want to collect the vehicle from our refurbishment partner’s sites all you need to do is click the collection radio button.


If you would like your vehicle driven to your chosen site by our delivery partner, just click the delivery radio button and confirm your delivery address. We have automatically populated your default delivery address. 

If you need to send it to a different site linked to your business address, you can easily add this here. Click on Add an address to search by street name or postcode and once you have the address you need, click Confirm & use this address.  The summary page will be updated with the new address.


Complete your purchase

Once you are happy with the summary, make sure you have read and agreed the terms & conditions of the purchase before you press Purchase. 

You will then be asked to check your order details one final time, and confirm your order.

Purchase complete

Your purchase is now complete.

Once the purchase is complete you can download the image pack and the record of sale. 



Viewing your purchase

Once you have finished the purchase process, click on the Purchase tab to access your damage report, image pack and record of sale.  

Please note, the record of sale is not an invoice. You will need to download this from mfldirect. 


Your mfldirectAuction invoices and collection notes

 All your important purchase documentation, including invoices and collection notes, will be in your purchase history in mfldirect.  They are not stored on mfldirectAuction.

Please note, your collection note for the vehicle will be available from your purchase history in mfldirect:

  • 48 hours after you have completed checkout if you won the vehicle.
  • 48 hours after completing your purchase if you used the buy it now functionality.