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Viewing an mfldirectAuction vehicle

Each vehicle record comes with all the information you need to help you see your margin and decide if you want the vehicles.


1. Vehicle summary
The summary at the top gives you a snapshot of the vehicle’s information including mileage and CAP Value. When the lot is live, you will also be able to see the current bid amount and, where available, the Buy it Now price.

2. Damage/Condition indicator
You can see at a glance the estimated cost of repair as a percentage of CAP value, making it easy for you to understand the scope of any repairs that might be needed.

3. Vehicle details
All the key information about the vehicle can be found under this tab

4. Standard Equipment
We supply the manufacturers description of the standard equipment normally fitted to the vehicle. The information is for guidance only, as it could differ from the actual equipment fitted to this specific vehicle.

5. Service history
View the summary of the vehicle’s service and maintenance history where available. Please note, this may not include all work carried out on the vehicle.

6. Damage report
Every vehicle has been inspected and photographed by a refurbishment technician. The full report, with high-resolution images, is available to download from the Other Documents tab.  To view the enlarged images, just click on the photo you want to view.