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Finding the cars you need is easy

From advanced search and filtering to personalised recommendations, we make sure you've got the best tools to hand.

We know how important it is to find the right cars quickly in mfldirect.

Find out more about:

Searching and filtering

Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or like to browse our full stock before drilling into the detail, we've got all the search and filtering options you need.


Keyword Search

Ideal as a quick option and conveniently located at the top of each page, the keyword search allows you to find cars by 6 different search category options.

Simply type in what you are looking for from the following criteria and we’ll show you everything that matches:

  • Registration number
  • CAP ID
  • Make
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Body Style


Category Search

You can find the category search on the mfldirect homepage.

With a range of easy to use drop down menus, the category search will show you cars based on a range of preset categories, including price reductions, publishing times and even cars that are available to preview.

Then, you can choose to browse the results matching your chosen category or, if you want more detail, you can refine your search by make and model.


Advanced Search

If you want a more in depth look, Advanced Search is a great tool for you.

From this page, you can discover cars available for immediate purchase or for preorder, as well as delving into the finer details like number of seats, age, drive, engine size, MPG and Co2 emissions.


Filtering your results is easy

It's easy to add and remove filters across your search options. Each category that you've searched for shows as a bubble that can be easily removed by clicking on the X.

If you want to start drilling down into your search, just open the search block by pressing on the filter button. Choose the options you need, press 'Apply Filters' and the latest search results will be displayed.

If you want to start again, simply press Reset all filters and this will get rid of all search criteria.

If you've made changes to your search but changed your mind, use the cancel button. Your original search will be displayed and any changes discarded.



Personalised Recommendations

As you start exploring cars on mfldirect, we will make recommendations based on your activity.

You can find your recommendations in a carousel on your homepage, and you can click left and right to scroll through a selection of your suggested vehicles.

If you see a car you like, you can add it to your shortlist, view more details in the full vehicle listing or, if it's already on sale, buy it immediately.

If you would like to see all your recommendations, just scroll to the end and click View All. This will take you to your personal recommended vehicles page, where you can browse or apply additional filters.

You can also find your recommended vehicles by using the category search on your homepage. Just select the 'Recommended' option from the drop down menu and your recommendations will be displayed.

Find the right vehicles with your interactive stocklist

All stock is available to view in one interactive stocklist, making it easier for you to find the right cars for your forecourt.

Your stocklist automatically updates every 5 minutes throughout the day, so whenever you log in to mfldirect and select stocklist from the navigation bar, you will be able to see the latest vehicles.

From there, you are able to download the entire stocklist or filter and sort it to find the right stock at the right price, condition and location.

You can:

  • Filter for vehicles located at one of our refurbishment sites
  • Clearly see any price reductions we make, including the reduced amount for each vehicle
  • Review fully imaged descriptions of vehicles through your mfldirectAuction account
  • Download CAP information for all vehicles at any time of day

You can also click through to view the vehicles on mfldirect, when you’ll be able to view more information, add to your shortlist or purchase.