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It's easy to buy with mfldirectAuction

mfldirectAuction gives mfldirect customers access to a wide range of vehicles that have been routed through our refurbishment partners and have had their condition fully inspected.

Every vehicle is assessed and photographed by refurbishment technicians, giving you a complete and in-depth view of each car’s condition. 

If you are looking for stock that needs repair and paint, or just low-level smart repairs, you will find it with mfldirectAuction.

The service is built with simplicity in mind: 

  • We don’t charge membership or purchase fees, and we don’t have any hidden fees either.
  • We've made it easy to see your margins with our damage indicators, and you can get the full view with our detailed Damage Reports.
  • All vehicles come with a bidding or buying option so whatever way you like to buy, the choice is yours.
  • You can use your existing mfldirect credit to purchase cars rather than having to set up separate Direct Debits for each account.

And when you buy from mfldirectAuction, you can expect the same quality of service, support and experience as you get with mfldirect.

If you already have an mfldirect account, it’s really easy to get started on mfldirectAuction. Simply register your interest below and your Account Specialist will be in touch with you shortly.  

If your dealership does not have a mfldirect account, you can apply for an account through our sign up form.